Fairmount Electric is owned and operated by Gene Robinson, who has over 30 years experience with residential electrical wiring. Gene was on the faculty of Laney College for several years, where he taught residential wiring (see student photos). He does not act as a subcontractor and does not hire subcontractors. All work is done according to national and local codes and, where required, work is done by permit.

Scope of Work

Residential only. All elements of the home electrical system including:

  • Service upgrades.
  • Complete replacement of knob and tube wiring (a specialty) with as little disturbance as possible to walls, ceilings and other surfaces.
  • Replacement of FPE, Zinsco and Sylvania service and subpanels
  • Troubleshooting

When a homeowner wishes do some or all of the work involved in a project and so keep the project's cost as low as possible, Gene can:

  • Consult while the homeowner does the entire job.
  • Do most of the work while the homeowner does some tasks.
  • Anything in between.